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Used Outboards
If you need a motor for your boat then you should find this helpful. Whether you are looking for a used 2-stroke or a used 4-stroke outboard you have plenty of options available to you. I am no expert but it seems to me that the most important considerations when choosing an engine for a boat are...


What is the maximum horsepower that is recommended for safe operation of your boat? You should consult the owner's manual for your boat to be sure that you do not exceed the safety limits.

What is the minimum horsepower you need to propel your boat safely and comfortably? Again, refer to the recommendations of your boat manufacturer. You need to consider the average amount of weight you will carry onboard your vessel because that will have a serious impact on your boat's performance. If you ride around with the boat empty with just you in it, you will not need as much horsepower compared to when the boat is loaded. If you are unsure, visit a used outboard motor dealer near you or ask your boat dealer.

Outboard Motor Manufacturers

Over the years many manufacturers have entered the outboard motor market. Some of the best-known brands outboard motors that you might find in the used marketplace are listed below.

Mercury Marine

Look around and you will find used outboard motors from these makers in horsepower ratings from 2 HP all the way to 275HP and more. They come in 2 stroke and 4 stroke versions and from 1-cylinder to 6-cylinder configurations.

You can save a lot of money and if you choose a used outboard instead of a new motor for your boat . However, it is recommended that you get any outboard engine you are looking at buying used checked over by a qualified boat motor mechanic because you don't want to trade-off reliability for price.

Do you sell used outboard motors? If you do, you should contact us because this page gets a lot of visits everyday from people that enter keywords related to used outboards into the major search engines. We would be happy to try to connect those searching for used outboard motors with those that have used outboards for sale. Contact us at info at boat pro marine dot ca.

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