Force4 Aluminum Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats

Looking for an inflatable boat from Force 4?

Information On Force 4 RIBs
Got any? I am not trying to be smart... I am being serious when I ask that question. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of info available online about the Force 4 brand of inflatable boats. There even seems to be some discrepency as to the how the brand name is spelled. I have seen it as Force4 all run together as well as Force 4 with a space. I like to know which is correct, among other things like, where is the company located? There is some evidence to suggest that these RIBs are manufactured in New Zealand but... I am really not sure yet.

Aluminum Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats
I did find one web page based in New Zealand that did mention for Force4 brand. They stated that the Force 4 Aluminum Rigid Hull Inflatables come with durable, multi-layered 1100 Dtex UV resistant polyester fabric with heat welded seams which provide extra strength. They also feature a patented track system for easy tube removal. They claim the Force4 inflatables offer super light weight and incredibly tough Marine Grade aluminum hulls and that the large diameter inflatable tubes offer tremendous stability and a softer ride.

Do you know anything about the Force 4 line? If so, please share with us.

Force4 Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats

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