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Falcon Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats
There appears to be some confusion in the boating world when it comes to the term "Falcon inflatables". The main reason for this is that there is an inflatable boat manufacturer based in South Africa called "Falcon Inflatables (Pty) Ltd" and there is a line of inflatable boats by the well-known manufacturer BRIG, Canada Gate Ltd. from Canada.

This page focuses on the Canadian inflatable boat manufactuter, "Brig". They offer two series within their "Falcon" line which are touched on below.

Falcon Rider Series

The FALCON Riders series of rigid inflatable boats are built for fun! They feature a fiberglass hull, ample storage in a bow locker and a range of accessories. They are available in lengths from 3.8M to 5M and come in "Base", "Deluxe" and "Sport" versions.

FALCON Tenders

The FALCON Tenders series of inflatable boats with rigid hulls are are built for fun! They feature strong fiberglass hulls in combined with inflatable buoyancy tubes which give
these boats a dry, smooth ride, excellent reliability and safety on the water.

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Falcon Inflatable Boats

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