Boat and Motor Repairs

Inboards, Outboards, Hulls and More

Need Your Boat Repaired?

Well, first of all... I feel for you. Obviously if your vessel needs to be repaired something's gone wrong. I hope your problems didn't cause any injuries. That aside, the next thing you might be considering is whether you should attempt to fix your boat yourself or if you should leave the job to qualified professional.

From my point of view there are few things to consider before making a final decision on getting your boat repaired. First off, what type of repair does your boat need? Is it mechanical or engine related? Is it more cosmetic in nature like paint or fibreglass work? Is it serious hull damage that needs to be repaired on your boat? Maybe you're in really bad shape and need work done in more than one of these areas.

How skilled are you in the area of marine mechanics? Do you have the proper tools necessary to properly complete the repair job on your boat? Do you have a place to store the boat and work on it? The answers to these questions will go a long way towards helping you decide whether or not you should tackle the job of fixing your boat yourself.

One important note. In my opinion, the other thing that should be given very serious thought is safety. If your boat repairs can have any impact whatsoever on the safe operation of your craft you should give extra consideration to leaving the boat repairs to a qualified, trained professional marine service technician.

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