Fishing Lures

New, used and antique lures for all types of freshwater fishing.

Fishing Lures Catch Fishermen
It's been said time and again that lures are really designed to catch fishermen, not fish. There is definitely some truth to that line of thinking. After all, if a lure didn't attract a fishing enthusiast to purchase it then it would never be fished with and would have no chance at catching a fish. So, you can see how it is important for fishing lure manufacturers to have attractive-looking lures and packaging and a compelling story so that they get them out of the stores and into tackle boxes. Once there, the lure may actually get used and if it in fact is effective will gain a reputation by word of mouth (and a little bragging by the successful user).

Lures come in an amazing array of sizes, shapes, color patterns, actions, materials and so on. So many that they could not possibly all be mentioned here. Suffice to say that no matter what species of fish you are angling for there is a vast selection of lures for you to throw at them.

Wooden Muskie Lures On eBay

If you are a muskie hunter or like to chase after huge pike and you are looking for some unique, classis, antique, rare or other wooden lures be sure to check out that online auction giant ebay. There is an ever changing selection of great wooden lures ideal for large pike or musky. Many of these wooden lures are hand carved, others are manufactured on a larger scale but in any case, you will often find great values on these large lures at ebay.

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Muskie On Wooden Lure