Dock Chocks

Boat Trailer Wheel Chocks and Related Chock Products

What Is A Dock Chock Anyway?
I am not really sure what "dock chocks" as the term relates to the realm of boating, docks, docking, marine supplies and such.

I have spent a fair bit of time trying to find a clear definition of this term but I have yet to find one. There are plenty of mentions of the term "chock" both alone and in combination with other nautical terms. Of course, I also had no trouble finding all sorts of terms related ot the word "dock". As you can imagine the term "dock" is used to describe plenty of scenarios not related to the boating world.

Marine Chocks
This is another nautical term that seems to cover a wide range of products for various types of marine use. The general consensus as to what a "marine chock" is goes something like: Hardware or a fitting to guide, direct or hold a line or cable.

Trailer Wheel Chocks
Wheel chocks are a safety device used to prevent a wheeled vehicle from rolling while not in use. Commonly used on various types trailers such as boat trailers and other types of trailers they come in various materials and sizes. Some of the most common materials are rubber and aluminum with the aluminum wheel chocks generally providing the advantage of being lightweight. If you are looking for rubber wheel chocks, aluminum wheel chocks or trailer wheel chocks of any type we invite you to explore some of the links on this page and other pages of this marine supplies web site.

Marine Chock