Downriggers, Downrigger Fishing and Accessories

If you fish with'em you need this page!

A downrigger is defined in the dictionary as:

down·rig·ger - (doun-ri-gerr) noun (Nautical) - A trolling rig that consists of a weighted cable attached below the boat to a fishing line, used to troll live bait at or near the floor of a body of water and eliminating the need for a weight on the fishing line.

If you fish with downriggers then you should bookmark this page. It will grow rapidly and become a great fountain of information relating to all of you that enjoy fishing with downriggers.

Downrigger Accessories

Looking for accessories for your downrigger? Then be sure to check out the links to them on this page. We'll be adding to the list of downrigger accessories often.

Top Brands

The leading manufacturers of downriggers like, Cannon, Walker, Scotty and others offer a wide rnage of downriggers and accessories to meet any fisherman's needs.

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