Inflatable Rescue Boats

New and used rigid hull inflatables for search and rescue.

Find the right accessory for your vessel here.

Inflatable Search and Rescue Boats
The rigid hull inflatable boats are used extensively in search and rescue. There are a number of key reasons for this not the least of which are:

- Low cost - Makes them afforcable to even small communities and rescue agencies. Makes it possible to deploy in great numbers by larger search and rescue organizations.
- Safety - Inflatable boats are inherently safe by design making them ideal for use in adverse conditions when search and rescue operations are often needed.
- Lightweight - Easy to transport to an emergency. Rapid deployment.
- Easy to maintain - Lower overall operating cost.

Search and Rescue Boat Manufacturers
There are a number of makes of inflatable, ridig hull boats that cater to the search and rescue marketplace. Some of these inflatable boat manufacturers are:

- SeaBright Marine Limited
- Zodiak
- Hy-Seas Inflatables
- Rescue ONE
- AVON Inflatables

Of course, there are countless other makes of these important life-saving vessels and you are invited to do a little research of your own to compare brands, sizes, models and so on to ensure that you get the right RIB for your search and rescue needs.

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